Track Competitors In Real-Time.
Outsmart Your Competition.

WatchMyCompetitor is a competitor intelligence platform that enables you to make smarter decisions faster. It uses AI to track your competitors' global digital footprint in real-time and market analysts to curate the data. Get a continuous flow of the most relevant, actionable insights into your organisation, so you can gain a competitive advantage and protect and grow revenue.

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Track Competitors And Power Your Organisation's Growth

Protect and grow revenue

  • Don’t learn about vital competitors and market insights too late. Identify commercial threats and opportunities early to respond faster and smarter.

Build Better Strategies

  • Stay ahead of the competition by understanding their strategies. WMC provides powerful intelligence, including industry analytics. Guide and validate your team's strategies and outsmart the competition.

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Perfect Your Product Roadmaps

  • Make every penny of your product investments count. WMC delivers timely product insights that enable you to optimise your product roadmaps and feature roll-outs for success.

Focus On Value-Added Tasks

  • Avoid wasted time and energy by removing the need for manual, time-consuming tracking. WMC tracks competitors automatically, so your time can focus on important tasks that make a difference.

Be The Experts In Your Industry

  • Missed insights mean missed opportunities and potentially lost revenue. Share valuable and comprehensive intelligence with the heads of sales, product and the leadership team and elevate your position and value.

  • Power your company's growth and results. Many of our client champions are promoted in the first 12 months after the WMC platform's roll out.

Speak With The WMC Team And Get Started Now!

  • Tell us which competitors you wish to track. Or speak with an industry specialist who’ll highlight the data your organisation will need.

  • See how WMC can help you achieve a rapid ROI whatever unique requirements you have across different departments.

  • You'll see examples of how other businesses have benefited from using our competitor intelligence platform.

This is where we come in

Track Competitors' Global Digital Footprint WIth WMC

  • Competitors


  • Clients


  • Your Brand

    Your Brand

  • Regulators


  • Trade Partners

    Trade Partners

  • Data
  • Results
  • Announcements
  • Partnerships
  • Promotions
  • Web Content
  • Social

How WMC Helps Clients Track Competitors


Get the most out of the platform and gain competitive intelligence with the help of a dedicated market intelligence analyst who will tailor your dashboard to your needs.


Track your entire global digital landscape — including your competitors, partners, clients, regulators and more — 24/7 using WMC’s automated tracking function


Share and discuss intelligence effortlessly with the right departments across your organisation - such as Marketing, Product or Sales - using a range of collaboration tools and integrations


Track competitors and develop a deeper understanding of your competitive landscape. Go beyond simple updates and use WMC's platform to identify wider industry trends and opportunities.


Receive important intelligence and competitive insights in real-time or at a cadence that suits your needs with dashboard alerts and email summaries of the latest activity across your competitive landscape.


Gain a complete bird’s-eye view of the market with analytical reporting of competitor marketing strategy, comparing prices, offers, rates and other market features.

See The Complete Competitor Intelligence Platform In Action.

Book a demo and see exactly how the WMC Competitor Intelligence platform can help you protect and grow revenue.

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