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WMC is a fully-automated competitor and market tracking platform that gives you a complete, real-time picture of what’s happening in your market. Capture and share valuable market intelligence with relevant departments in your organisation to protect and grow your revenue. No more manual processes. No more missed information. Everything you need in a single platform.

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Market Intelligence to Power Your Growth.

Protect Your Revenue

  • Respond immediately to competitor promotions and price changes to avoid losing revenue.

  • Benchmark your pricing so that you're not under or over-charging.

Inform your Strategy

  • Use powerful market intelligence, including industry analytics, to guide and validate your approach.

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Innovate Fast

  • Track product developments and use them to refine, plan and launch your own product innovations.

Free Up Time

  • Bring an end to manual, time-consuming competitor tracking to save time.

Become a Market Intelligence Expert

  • Share key market intelligence with the heads of sales, product and the leadership team to elevate your position and value.

  • Power your company's growth and results. Many of our client champions are promoted in the first 12 months of rolling out our platform.

Getting started with WMC

  • Tell us who and what you want to monitor (or ask our market analysts for help)

  • We’ll map your entire digital landscape, set up automated tracking and customise your dashboard so it meets your needs.

  • Start receiving real-time market intelligence and use it to help your organisation protect and grow its revenue.

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This is where we come in

What you can track with WMC

  • Competitors


  • Clients


  • Your Brand

    Your Brand

  • Regulators


  • Trade Partners

    Trade Partners

  • Data
  • Results
  • Announcements
  • Partnerships
  • Promotions
  • Web Content
  • Social

What WMC does for you


Get the most out of the platform and gain competitive intelligence with the help of a dedicated market intelligence analyst who will tailor your dashboard to your needs.


Track your entire global digital landscape — including your competitors, partners, clients, regulators and more — 24/7 using WMC’s automated AI engine.


Share and discuss intelligence effortlessly with the right departments across your organisation - such as Marketing, Product or Sales - using a range of collaboration tools and integrations.


Track and understand competitive and market intelligence from around the world with automatic translation tools


Receive vital intelligence and competitive insights in real-time or at a cadence that suits your needs with dashboard alerts and email summaries of the latest activity across your competitive landscape.


Gain a complete bird’s-eye view of the market with analytical reporting of competitor marketing strategy, comparing prices, offers, rates and other market features.

With WMC, you’ll be…


Real-time alerts mean you never miss a single detail. You can react instantly to any change in your industry, take advantage of opportunities, set trends and never get left behind.


Comprehensive, top-down industry analytics show you how you shape up against competitors in real-time. Adapt and optimise to deliver superior offers, stand out from the crowd, increase market share and drive revenue.


Full market intelligence automation increases efficiency and frees you up to focus time and resources on more pertinent high-value activities.


Deep insight into your competitive landscape, your customers and your own brand defines and reinforces strategy and improves decision making.


Dashboard tools for timely, reliable intelligence enrich your own analysis and reports. Have every detail covered and present to senior stakeholders with confidence.


Full exposure to everything happening in your industry aids innovation. Never be short of inspiration for product development, campaigns and content.


Collaboration tools make it easy to empower your teams with knowledge, putting your entire business on the same page.

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