How we track your
competitors, brand, products
and more

Fully automated business intelligence software. Powered by AI, and refined by analysts, the WMC dashboard provides an unrivalled level of real-time intelligence and insight. Our software gives you all the tools you need to get ahead of the competition. Getting started is simple.

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Your organisation before WMC

Under resourced

  • Too much time and resource spent monitoring competitors, own brand, products etc.

  • Frequently missing opportunities

Standing still

  • Losing market share and revenue to competitors

  • Lack of product innovation and content ideas

WMC Globe Numbers

Lacking direction

  • Core strategies lacking evidence and reasoning

  • Struggling to adapt and to change their competitor marketing strategy

  • Unsure of value and ROI of your own activity

Lacking insight

  • Competitive intelligence reports lacking insight

  • Caught by surprise by new products, developments and trends

  • Little idea of position in market

This is where we come in

  • Tell us who and what you want to monitor

  • Your entire digital landscape is mapped and automated tracking set up

  • A dedicated analyst is assigned to your account, takes your requirements and tailors the front-end platform to your needs

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This is where we come in

Helping you understand &
digest your digital landscape

  • Competitors


  • Clients


  • Your Brand

    Your Brand

  • Regulators


  • Trade Partners

    Trade Partners

  • Data
  • Results
  • Announcements
  • Partnerships
  • Promotions
  • Web Content
  • Social

What our monitoring
software does for you…


Our automated AI engine scans the entire global digital landscape of your competitors, partners, clients, regulators etc. and collects relevant data and intelligence, all day every day.


A dedicated analyst is assigned to your account, and tailors the front-end platform according to your needs


A truly global platform, we even track and automatically translate foreign language content.


Collaboration features enable business intelligence to be shared and discussed with stakeholders across your organisation, such as marketing, product and sales teams.


Powerful analytical reporting provides a bird’s-eye view of the entirety of your competitor marketing strategy, comparing your prices, offers, rates and other market features with your competitors


Your bespoke dashboard alerts you to all the latest activity across your competitive landscape in real time. The cloud-based platform provides access to WMC insights from any device, any time An email summarising latest activity can be sent to you on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Your organisation is now always…


Real-time alerts mean you never miss a single detail, enabling you to react instantly to any change in your industry. Take advantage of opportunities, set trends, never get left behind.


Comprehensive, top-down industry analytics show you how you shape up against competitors in real time. Adapt and optimise to deliver superior offers, stand out from the crowd, increase market share and drive revenue.


Full market intelligence automation increases efficiency and frees you up to focus time and resource on more pertinent high-value activities.


Deep insight into your competitive landscape, your customers and your own brand defines and reinforces strategy and improves decision making.


Dashboard Tools for timely, reliable intelligence enriches your own analysis and reports. Have every detail covered and present to senior stakeholders with confidence.


Full exposure to everything happening in your industry aids innovation. Never be short of inspiration for product development, campaigns and content.


Collaboration tools make it easy to empower your teams with knowledge, putting your entire business on the same page.

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