Make Your Data More Usable With Analyst Insights

WMC’s analysts take all of the data gathered using our AI software and curate the most relevant, timely insights for you to use. You spend less time sifting through data and more on using it to make smart strategic decisions.

Automatically Filter Out The Noise
Curated And Categorised Data
Understand Key Competitor Updates

Why Use WMC’s Analyst Insights?

Unlike most competitor intelligence platforms that present unfiltered data in high volumes, WMC uses market analysts as standard. They cut through the noise so you don’t have to. They collate, analyse and curate the intelligence you need to make smarter decisions faster.

Analyst Insights To Understand Competitors

It’s not enough to know your competitors’ every move – you need to understand it too. We track all of their key activities, from changes to promotions, pricing, products, marketing and more. But it’s our analyst insights that give you a clearer picture of what’s happening.

Save Time And Energy Scrutinising Details

Whether sizable or subtle, your competitors’ online updates have the potential to reveal a lot about their motives and plans. By having access to curated analyst insights in one system alongside comparable past data, you can make decisions faster and easier.

Have Confidence In Your Strategies

Analyst insights give your team confidence in their own strategies by giving them complete visibility of your competitors. WMC automatically captures and analyses the data required. This eliminates any guesswork and ensures your teams’ strategies are based on robust intelligence.

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