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WMCPlatform For Product

Optimise Your Product Roadmaps
With Data-Backed Insights

Build product roadmaps that are competitive and aligned with market needs with real-time insights.

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  • Gather Valuable
    Market Insights

  • Be the first to know about competitor and emerging player product launches, new features and withdrawals.

    Identify how your product strategies need to evolve to gain market share.

  • Effective Risk

  • Identify potential risks to the success of your product, from emerging competitors to rival launches.

    Give your team the insights to protect your investments.

  • Meet And Exceed Customer Expectations

  • Deliver the best product capabilities through understanding how competitors products and services evolve.

    This intelligence combined with emerging player intelligence allows you to proactively drive your product roadmap.

Benefits Of Using WMC
As Part Of Your Company's Product Strategy

Remain A Leader In Product Innovation

Get your team's product development, positioning and launch plans aligned with industry trends by monitoring the competitive landscape in real-time.

Automated Tracking

Respond To New Opportunities Quickly

Ensure your product managers can adapt their roadmaps swiftly. Set up daily alerts about competitor product changes and other market opportunities.

Daily Alerts

Make Informed Decisions Based On Data

Ensure your product teams are making decisions based on easy-to-understand analytics. Make sure the data you're gathering is being used, rather than going to waste.


Have Automated Intel Delivered To Your Teams
Directly Into Their Workflows

Integrates With Your Workplace Tools

Competitive Intelligence
& Product Roadmaps

Competitive intelligence involves gathering and analysing information about competitors, market trends, and customer preferences to inform strategic decisions. In the context of product roadmaps, it helps in understanding the market landscape and how competitors (including emerging players) product proposition is evolving over time. This intelligence can be used to inform your product roadmap.

It provides insights into what competitors are doing, emerging market trends, and customer needs. This information can guide product features, innovation, and development priorities, ensuring that new products are well-positioned to meet market demands and stand out from competition.

Absolutely, understanding competitor product release cycles and market readiness can inform the optimal timing for your product launch to maximise impact and market penetration.

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