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WMC Go - Receive The Latest Competitor
Updates On Your Phone

With intelligence straight to your phone or tablet, move seamlessly with the competition and stay on top of the alerts that matter most.

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Access your personalised dashboard from phone or tablet in any location, with dashboard features including: high priority alerts, grouped intelligence, dynamic graphs, and filtering by competitor and by date.

Analyst alert Summary


Read and react to articles as they’re published. Never miss a mention with our comprehensive list of articles, linking you straight to the news source.

Critical Alerts

Guided by your analyst’s summary and the ability to pinch and zoom on alert screenshots, engaging with those critical alerts has never been simpler.

Critical Alerts

Our platform is loved & trusted by a variety of world-leading brands

  • unilever
  • wavesight
  • acca
  • abeerdeen
  • UK2
  • umbo
  • rb

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