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A Diverse & Intelligent Team

Here at WMC, we believe that good people from different backgrounds, with unique experiences, make us a better company.

Our Culture & Values

Helping You Protect & Grow Revenue
With Market Intelligence

WatchMyCompetitor is a market intelligence platform that combines AI
technology with expert human analysis to give you relevant, actionable intelligence.


Our mission is simply to help organisations protect and grow their revenue through high value market intelligence.

Platform Built With A Purpose

With real-time intelligence curated by market experts, companies can make smarter strategic decisions faster at a time of increased pressure to deliver quantifiable results.

Our co-founders believe that by putting clients first, everything else will fall into place.

Our Story

We built the first version of WatchMyCompetitor (WMC) for ourselves whilst working in the financial services industry.

We recognised the potential benefits of real-time and high-level intelligence for individuals and enterprises in a fast-changing and increasingly digital world.

The platform transformed the bank's approach to competitor tracking. It saved thousands in consultant fees and gave it the intel to stay a step ahead of the competition during a significant period of regulatory change.

Who Do We Work With?

Our clients include major organisations and rising players across Europe, North-America and the Asia-Pacific region. They span multiple industries, from education and healthcare to finance and retail.

Case Studies

What To Expect
When Working With WMC

We Make Sure We Understand Your Needs

Our industry specialists ask the right questions and do their research to understand your business's intelligence needs.

Your Account Will Be Set Up Within 5 Days

Your market changes every day, often as a result of competitor actions. We ensure you're receiving relevant and timely intelligence each working day.

Straightforward Onboarding & Training Experience

You don't have time to spend becoming an expert in a SaaS product. We make training fast, focused and useful, so the bulk of your time goes on using insights.

Continuous Flow of Curated & Actionable Intelligence

Every relevant change in your market is tracked via your dashboard and then curated by human analysts, so it's ready and relevant for you to use.

To Know More?

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