About Us

We believe that in today's increasingly connected world, we all need the best competitor and client intelligence available to succeed and grow as individuals and organisations.

Our mission is to create the latest technology and deliver relevant and reliable business intelligence alerts.

WMC was initially built to automatically track our own competitors, clients and regulators. We needed to track various organisations across a number of countries. There were no practical alternatives so we decided to build our own solution.
Being able to cast a wide net of automated intelligence gathering helped us in so many different ways that we decided to bring the service to other organisations like yours.

Our platform uses the latest cutting edge artificial intelligence technology, which coupled with our industry leading business intelligence analysts gives you a real edge over your competitors.
Based in the UK, our unique service helps businesses automatically monitor their online interests all over the world.

Key industries & sectors we work within

Multinationals Multinationals

Monitoring their competitors as well as their own brand marketing activities all over the world.

Financial Services Financial Services

Tracking competitor product offerings, white papers, advice & guidance across all markets.

Manufacturers Manufacturers

Monitoring competitors for product launches as well as product claims and possible patent infringement.

Retail Organisations Retail Organisations

Monitoring competitor product, pricing and promotional activity.

Technology Providers Technology Providers

Monitoring competitor product and service offerings across all markets.

Marketing Agencies Marketing Agencies

Using our service to automatically monitor client competitor activity.

Franchise Owners Franchise Owners

Monitoring and tracking franchise agent compliance with marketing and branding requirements.

All Sectors All Sectors

Monitoring competitor, client and key partners for product launches, promotions and business changes of interest.

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