Capture Competitors’ Digital Footprint With Automated Tracking

Make data overload and missing out on valuable intelligence a thing of the past with automated tracking. The WMC platform uses AI technology to monitor your competitor’s every move online.

Eliminate Manual Tracking Forever
Never Miss Important Competitor Updates
Monitor Your Email Subscriptions

Why You Should Use Automated Tracking

Manually tracking your competitors is a slow and ineffective task, with key insights being regularly overlooked. Automated tracking of competitors, partners and regulators ensures all valuable data is monitored, captured and stored for your team to utilise.

Never Miss Important Competitor Updates

Every decision your competitors make has the potential to impact your revenue. By using automated tracking, you’ll never miss an important update. From social to digital media, WMC’s platform will capture the intelligence you need to protect and grow your company’ revenue.

Build A Complete Picture of Competitors

Periodic research of competitors’ websites and social media channels is not enough to fully understand their plans. WMC automatically tracks all publicly-available online channels and consolidates the data into a single analytics dashboard. This gives users a complete understanding of competitors.

Automated Tracking Of Email Subscriptions

WMC can track information that's released by competitors via email subscriptions, whether its newsletters or regulatory news services (RNS). WMC analyst insights function captures all relevant information from these sources. This provides you with an additional level of intelligence.

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