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Why Use Market News Alerts?

When competitors launch new promotions or other threats to your sales, it’s important that you respond quickly. WMC provides an easy way to keep on top of your market with alerts via email, our mobile app, MS Teams and other platforms.

News Alerts For Teams All Over The World

The WMC platform is used by teams all over the world to track their interests. Alerts can be easily set up for product, sales, marketing and strategy in any jurisdiction. Ensure every team can respond very quickly to emerging threats and opportunities.

Drive Change Across Your Organisation

Use the WMC news alert function to protect your business from major threats. Avoid being blind-sided by major developments again. Real-time news alerts about your partners and regulators will ensure your business can react quickly and decisively.

Tailor News Updates And Share With Ease

The WMC platform gives you control over your alerts. You can prioritise the importance of alerts and view similar industry alerts on one page. This allows you to understand industry developments more easily. The data can also be shared easily across your organisation.

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