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Client Intelligence Service

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Client Relationships

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Empower your client success teams with actionable
intelligence that drives retention, expansion,
and cross-selling

Client Revenue

Reduce client churn and drive client retention with high value, actionable intelligence.

Sponsor Departure Disposal of Business Units Negative Financial Results Sponsor Role Changes

Client Revenue

Drive client expansion with high value intelligence that your team can use to grow revenue.

Geographic Expansion New Product Lines Acquistions New Partnerships Mergers

Why Client Intelligence?

  • Deepen Client Relationships

    Forge stronger connections by staying informed on your clients’ latest developments.

  • Drive Client

    Anticipate and address your clients' needs proactively, reducing churn.

  • Identify Expansion Opportunities

    Leverage insights to recognize and act on upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Enhance Strategic Advice

    Offer timely, informed suggestions that align with your clients' business priorities.

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Overview of Main

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WMC Client Intelligence Gives You
A Holistic View, Everyday


Revenue Expansion


Revenue Protection


Client News

Features & Benefits

  • Company News &

  • Stay ahead with the latest news impacting your clients.

  • Benefit

  • Ensure your advice and solutions are always relevant and timely.

  • Financial

  • Monitor key financial indicators to gauge your clients' business health.

  • Benefit

  • Predict and prepare for your clients' evolving needs.

  • Leadership

  • Keep tabs on shifts in your clients' executive teams.

  • Benefit

  • Adjust your strategy to maintain alignment with new decision-makers.

  • Acquisitions &
    Strategic Moves

  • Gain insights into your clients' growth strategies.

  • Benefit

  • Identify new areas where your services can support their goals.

  • Strategic Priorities

  • Understand what drives your clients' decisions and investments.

  • Benefit

  • Position your offerings as essential to their success.

  • Investor

  • Keep informed on key client announcements and drivers that impact their business.

  • Benefit

  • Ensure your messaging is in line with the latest client strategy.

How It Works?

  • Select Your

  • Tell us which clients you would like to track.

  • Receive Timely Intelligence

  • We send you new intelligence every 24 hours on key client changes. Access the intelligence in the CRM systems you use.

  • Deliver Exceptional Service

  • Use our intelligence to anticipate client needs and exceed expectations

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About The Platform

"Excellent software for gathering strategic intelligence."

About The Industry Reports

“The publication of weekly curated reports related to industry and competitor press announcements has been very valuable in monitoring the market.”

About TheData Collection

“Frequent raw data lists sent to us and an easy to use portal. Easy to contact account owner with one point of contact.”

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