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Task Tracker

Work Smarter With Task Tracker

Deliver clarity and impact by linking real-time intelligence and workflows to your company's goals.

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  • Easy-To-Use & Understand

  • Seamless Integration

  • Enhanced Team Productivity

Improve Your Teams' Productivity

Monitor competitors and manage strategic tasks on a single dashboard. From price changes to product launches, every alert can be turned into an actionable task, ensuring your team stays agile and informed.

Strategise & Execute With Precision

Collaborate with your team in real-time, assigning tasks, setting deadlines and tracking progress.

Make it easy for your teams to stay focused on key tasks that drive growth.

Drive Growth with Data-Driven Decisions

Enable your entire company to make informed decisions faster.

Foster a high productivity culture by sharing curated intelligence directly to the right team. Help them act swiftly for strong outcomes.

How Does
The Task Tracker Work?

See important alerts on your dashboard

Assign actionable intel to your team

Create and execute successful strategies

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