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Competitor Intelligence Service

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Empower your team with real-time insights, curated
by market experts, to outsmart your competitors.

Next Level Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence by WatchMyCompetitor.com is the complete solution for companies looking to stay one step ahead of the competition.

From product launches and messaging updates, our team can provide you with real-time intelligence that will help you protect and grow your market share.

Why Competitive

Data-Driven Decisions: Ensure every key decision at your company is based on complete and real-time data.

Respond Faster: Identify competitor changes as they happen and swiftly adapt your strategies accordingly.

Global Scale Intelligence: Track competitors' digital footprint and provide decision-makers the data they need to succeed.

Maximum Productivity: Allow your team to focus on added-value tasks by automating the competitor research process.

Features & Benefits

  • Messaging &

  • Understand your competitors' evolving customer journey, messaging and channel strategies.

  • Benefit

  • Maximise your marketing spend by ensuring your choice of messaging and marketing channels are aligned with industry trends.

  • Product & Promotion

  • Have a complete and up-to-date picture of all competitors' product and service offerings on the market.

  • Benefit

  • Ensure your product teams' roadmaps are fully aligned with market demands and client preferences.

  • Pricing

  • Get notified in real-time of changes to competitors' pricing and terms for their products and the specific changes made.

  • Benefit

  • Have sufficient knowledge to determine pricing strategies that are suitable for different products and markets.

  • Leadership

  • Learn about the latest senior team arrivals and departures of your existing and emerging competitors.

  • Benefit

  • Protect your market position by preemptively understanding if your competitors are embarking on major strategic changes.

  • Investment &

  • Be notified when your competitor has invested in tech or embarked on a strategic partnership that impacts your business.

  • Benefit

  • Understand if you're investing company resources and pursuing partnerships in areas that yield the best commercial outcome.

  • Regulatory

  • Receive important regulatory alerts that will impact your teams' domestic and overseas operations.

  • Benefit

  • Keep your teams in different countries up-to-date with key regulatory changes and enable them to respond swiftly.

How It Works?

  • We Setup Your Tracking

  • You tell us which competitors and information to track across the markets you operate in.

  • Receive Timely Intelligence

  • We send you new intelligence every 24 hours. Analysts continuously create & analyse data.

  • Make Smarter Decisions

  • Your teams then make smarter decisions. Targeted, high-value intel delivered across your organisation.

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"Great solution to channel news that come straight to your inbox."

About The Platform

“The tool itself is really valuable and just makes checking competitor activity an every day activity as opposed to having to really think about it and integrate it in to your routine.”

About TheTailored Experience

“The WMC team is listening to all suggestions to improve the tool.”

Pricing & Plans

We offer a range of subscription plans to meet the needs of
companies in different industries. Contact us to find a plan that suits your business.

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