Build Better Strategies With Competitive Intelligence

Use competitive insights to achieve stronger results from your strategies. WatchMyCompetitor (WMC) is a fully-automated competitor intelligence platform that helps deliver better strategic decision-making across marketing, sales and other parts of the organisation.

Competitive Analysis Made Easier

A core element of strategy development is competitor / competitive analysis. It involves using competitor intelligence to build a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape.

WMC collates the most relevant insights in an easy-to-use dashboard. Market analysts sift through and analyse the data on your behalf, so you can draw conclusions with ease, share insights with relevant stakeholders and make faster decisions.

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ Strategies

Everything your competitors do has the potential to impact your revenue and profit. Understanding their strategies and decision-making is therefore critical in knowing how to respond or get ahead.

By tracking and analysing your competitors’ behaviour with WMC, you can build up a clearer picture. You can get a better understanding of their product strategies, promotional activity, events and more. Armed with this intelligence, you can make better strategic decision.

Have automated intel delivered to your teams directly into their workflows.

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Integrates with your workplace tools.


Strategy Development With WatchMyCompetitor

Gain Real-Time Market Insights

Without real-time competitive intelligence, you risk missing out on important news. WMC ensures you get access to insights early, allowing you to adapt and evolve your strategies.

Save Time Analysing The Market

Manually tracking and analysing data takes away resources. By using WMC’s analysts, you can get faster access to competitors’ strategies.

Understand Your Competitors’ Strategies

Avoid being on the back foot when competitors make strategic changes. WMC enables you to understand their plans, so you can adapt and stay ahead of the competition.

Protect And Grow Revenue

Competitors’ decisions can impact your sales. Intelligence gathered by WMC can help you prepare against competition and uncover opportunities.

Strategy Development FAQs

By knowing your objectives and by finding a Competitive intelligence tool like WMC that will take care of the set-up for you. There are lots of things to consider – such as how you plan to share, report and use the intelligence – but devising a CI strategy doesn’t need to be a complex challenge.

Competitive intelligence is typically run by a single department or individual. You might have a specialist data team. Or it could be managed by marketing or sales. They’ll work with your market analyst to decide what to track and how to use the intelligence.

Yes. Like any strategy, it’s all about understanding your goals and the before-versus-after impact. If your strategy is about reducing customer churn, understanding the cost of missing out will help you to calculate the financial value of your Competitive intelligence-informed strategy.

Competitive intelligence can take many forms. It can focus on areas such as your competitors’ sales, marketing and product strategies as well as their investments, partnerships and personnel changes.

CI can also cover industry news, such as new legislation or regulatory changes. WMC tracks your competitors and the market for the activity. Our market experts analyse the data and surface the intelligence most relevant to your organisation’s goals.

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