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Intermediate Capital Group plc is a private equity firm specializing in direct and fund of fund investments. Within direct it specializes in private debt, credit and equity investments. It invests in middle market, mature, growth capital, reinvestment, industry consolidations, bridge financing, restructuring of a shareholder base, acquisitions, public to private transactions with or without private equity backing, leveraged and acquisition finance, leveraged credit, partnership equity, management buyouts and management buyins, secondary investments, development capital, public quoted company finance, off-balance-sheet finance, refinancing and recapitalizations, and pre-IPO financing. The firm does not invest in property companies, early stage funds or start-ups. Within fund of fund, it specializes in secondary investments. The firm prefer to invest in all sector with focus on insurance, healthcare, education and childcare. It prefers to invest in commercial real estate assets and commercial property in the United Kingdom. It seeks to invest in companies whose principal place of business is DACH region, European Union, Pan-European, Germany, Spain, Nordic, United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, North America, South East Asia and the Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Oceania, and New Zealand. The firm provides mezzanine financing in the range between �15 million ($20.31 million) and �500 million ($676.1 million) to firms with an enterprise values between $ 40.62 million and �1 billion ($1353.94 million). Its real estate debt investments typically are in the range £5 million ($8.20 million) and £50 million ($82.1 million) secured on commercial real estate assets in the value range £20 million ($32.84 million) and £200 million ($328.38 million). The firm seeks to acquire minority, and majority stakes. It generally structures its financing in the form of subordinated loan with equity warrants, as preference shares, preferred equity, mezzanine debt, convertible loan, leveraged loans, senior, junior, and mezzanine loans, and CDOs. The firm provides loans for a maturity period between seven years and 10 years with repayments to be made in one payment at final maturity. Its mezzanine investments are usually structured to provide a cash yield between three percent and four percent over the relevant interbank rate, plus an additional return to reflect the risk involved. It also invests in the debt, fixed income and alternate asset markets. The firm's alternative capital solutions invest in mid-market companies, in Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific. It invests in corporate businesses through private debt, senior, junior and sub-ordinate debt, mezzanine, structured loans and equity in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Alternative Credit strategies are structured in portfolio format, such as CLOs, RMBS, CMBS and correlation tranches. It focus on structured credit, and credit portfolios sourced from banks balance sheets. The firm's direct lending strategies invest in senior secured and subordinated debt investments in companies across Europe either as the lead arranger or the sole lender. In strategic secondaries, it focuses on restructuring, mainly in the North America, United States and Europe with a focus on leading restructuring and recapitalization transactions for mature private equity funds. In fixed income solutions, the firm invests in leveraged loans and high yield bonds; corporate loans and bonds- segregated loan strategies as well as multi-asset credit funds; multi-asset credit strategies- European loans and European high yield bonds; CLOsin Europe and in the United States, Asset Backed Securities and securitised debt- Europe and in the United States. It is also a manager of third party mezzanine, CDO, and Institutional Client Funds. It seeks to make balance sheet investments and seeks Board attendance rights from its portfolio companies. Intermediate Capital Group plc was founded in 1989 and is based in London with additional offices across Europe, North America, and Asia.


Financial Services

Intermediate Capital Group plc Headquaters

Procession House
London,EC4M 7JW
United Kingdom

Intermediate Capital Group plc Share price

07 May 2021 03:45 GMT


-1.0 (-0.05 %)

Intermediate Capital Group plc Market cap

$6.014 B



Intermediate Capital Group plc # 45

Asset Management

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Company Currency Revenue Expense Profit Market Cap WMC Sector Score
Intermediate Capital Group plc GBP £256,300 N/A £108,900 £60,140B 45
Brookfield Asset Management Inc. USD $62,752,000 $5,791,000 $-182,000 $712,900B 1
The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation USD $16,216,000 N/A $4,290,000 $454,290B 2
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. USD $11,958,000 N/A $1,534,000 $305,780B 3
State Street Corporation USD $10,725,000 N/A $2,257,000 $303,710B 4

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Details Revenue Total Social Followers Total Social Posts Search Volume Digital Footprint Size Digital change (New Pages) WMC Market Score
Intermediate Capital Group plc 0.57 0 0 1 0 0 0.59
Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 100 0.19 0 12 0 0 6.55
The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation 25.84 100 31.33 15 0 0 82.25
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. 19.06 64.06 100 14 0 0 100
State Street Corporation 17.09 17.65 1.62 100 0 0 66.85

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